Air Freight Delivered , On Time, When  You Need It Most

Air freight is undoubtedly the fastest method of shipping, with the added bonus of reliably scheduled departure and arrival times. The travel time to get your cargo to its desired destination is favourable when compared to other shipping methods, and with the added advantage of high levels of airport security and safety controls, which ultimately means less risk for your cargo, and lower risks of theft and damage.

Reliable Air Freight Operators

Ban-devoted Services (BDS Shipping) know how important your goods are and how vital first class service is to you as a customer. As a trusted freight forwarding and clearing agent with immense expertise in international couriers, we can send your precious, valuable cargo almost anywhere you desire. We cater for international couriers to any location or destination worldwide.

If speed is not the major deciding factor in deciding which method of shipping to use then it usually comes down to the matter of costs. Airlines charges are based on weight and size, based upon both the space and the fuel required to transport heavier items. Sea carriers charges are usually based around container rates, based on either full container (FCL) or consolidated cargo (LCL) for smaller consignments.

Customs, fees and warehouse costs at seaports and airports can also differ, so the overall cost of each method of transportation are not quite as straightforward. However, if you want an accurate quote, our friendly sales team at Ban-Devoted services can guide you through the process and break down the costs for ensuring your cargo reaches the right destination.

Choosing an Air Freight Company

With such complicated options and processes to decide upon the best course of action is to speak to a trustworthy expert in the field to guide you to the best decision for you and your freight.  Ban-devoted Services are ideally placed to answer your queries and give you the best price, service and customer care. With long standing industry reputation, experience of shipping to international destinations and expertise on air freight and shipping, you can trust Ban-Devoted Services to take pride in transporting your cargo.

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