What is Car Shipping?

Car shipping is the process by which vehicles are moved from a different part of the world to the designated destination. In order for a freight forwarder to export your vehicle, you have to specify the make, model, registration, vin chassis and colour of the vehicle you want to ship to Ghana. In addition, a freight forwarder will need you need to confirm full name and address in the U.K (notably term as the consignor or shipper) and recipient at destination (mostly known as consignee) to specify the dimensions of the vehicle mostly for vans, 4×4, trucks, excavators you want ship. This ensures smooth documentation process and easy clearance through customs at the destination country. For you to export a vehicle from the UK you can choose to do it in either the following ways:-

  • You can use a shipping container (20” or 40”)
  • You can export it via Roll-on Roll-off (popularly known as RO-RO) shipping which is the cheapest and popular means of vehicle shipping.

How Car Shipping to Ghana Works

Shipping to Ghana may not be as easy as it seems and that is why you need an experience hand to help with this process, such as Ban-Devoted Services ( BDS Shipping).  Ghana faces many challenges when it comes to importation. To begin with, the cost of clearing cars form ports can be very expensive if documentations are not done as expected. This actually discourages many people who have the intent of importing a car. These challenges come as a result of ignorance from many dealers or clients who are importing for the first time. Trusting an experienced freight forwarding company and clearing agent can help you avoid any of the mistakes that lone exporters can face when trying to make their own arrangement, and Ban-Devoted have the knowledge and expertise to deliver.

Guidelines for car shipping to Ghana

Ghana allows vehicles from many countries to be imported; whether it is from Japan, the UK or the USA they have no problem as long as the car is deemed road-worthy. However, there are some guidelines which are followed in order to export vehicles.

  1. For used vehicles, they shouldn’t be over 10 years old else a small penalty is incurred
  2. Used vehicles attract and graduated duty fee (which sometime could work in importers favour)
  3. It is important you state the age of the vehicle before importing since it gives the government a clear view of when the vehicle was first manufactured.

In addition, there are some required documents which are vital in such an event. These documents are used as proof to show that what is being done is genuine. The importer needs to produce these documents to customs during the customs clearance process. Some of these legal documents include:-

  1. The year when the car was manufactured (can be found on the certification of ownership)
  2. The name of the manufacturer of the car.
  3. Certificate of ownership showing the name of owner (this is mostly the shipper or consignor).
  4. Original Bill of Lading.
  5. Tax Identification number (TIN)

On arrival, the car is subjected to tax. However, to make this process easier, engage a customs clearing agents that has exceptional and long term experience in car shipping to Ghana, Ban-Devoted services. We deal with all the complex details, arrangements and paperwork, so that all you have to worry about is what colour car to choose!

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