Air Freight Services with Collection

When you book your air freight service with BDS, we offer an optional collection service so you can have your goods collected from your door.

We also offer International Courier Services, we operate a door-to-door service, working closely with leading courier and Freight Forwarding providers. A courier will collect your goods from an address of your choice. They will then be shipped via road and air and delivered to the destination airport.

Choosing an air freight provider

Your cargo, whether clothing, goods or valuables, is of great importance to you and the recipient at the end of the freight process. With global import and export growing and becoming more and more common, freight providers are becoming more and more in demand. When choosing the right air freight provider for your goods, it’s vital to do your homework to ensure your cargo gets there on time, every time.

Air Freight For Movement Of Your Goods

Firstly, you need to ensure you partner up with an established and reputable provider who has the expertise to not only deal with any unforeseen circumstances but also offers you both speed and security with regard to the transition of your goods.

Naturally, Ban Devoted Services offer an exceptional service from the moment you contact us until your goods arrive at their end destination. It’s always advisable to work with an air freight provider who have extensive experience, as this will often minimise the risk of any delays relating to customs and compliance issues (these can often be problematic with more inexperienced providers. Other factors you may wish to consider include cost and transit times.

Another key factor to look for, of course, is a provider who offers 24/7 shipment visibility. This is particularly essential if you’re delivering to an end customer and will provide real-time information on the shipment wherever it might be across the globe. Indeed, if you find the right provider this information can even include custom clearance times, shipment movement and a precise ETA to its final destination.

Above all, the key thing to consider with any airfreight provider is reputation and people skills. Whatever you’re choosing to send it’s vital that it’s handled properly and with the right expertise so be sure to do your homework for a stress-free and seamless process. With Ban Devoted Services, your goods are treated as we would our own, from the moment they are taken into our charge, until the day they are delivered. Talk to our friendly sales team at BDSshipping for a quote today.

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