Choosing a sea freight service provider

Before you start to look for your perfect sea freight provider it’s absolutely essential you determine what mode of transport and services you might need along the way.  The key thing is – be prepared!  With BDS Ban Devoted Services, you know that when you are opting to send goods, whether textiles, vehicles or building supplies, by sea freight, that your satisfaction is our priority.

Using Sea Freight For Shipping Goods

One of the key things to research right from the start is what your chosen sea freight firm can (or can’t) provide for you.  Be sure to thoroughly read and take heed of all their regulations, industry terms and basic logistical information.  And if you’re not sure – then ask. At BDS, if you can’t find the answer to your question, our friendly sales team are on hand to advise on every aspect of shipping your goods.   From transport time to insurance, cost to contingencies, you need to know that you’re covered (quite literally) every single step of the way.  Any reputable provider will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries you might have and will be happy to explain the process of handling and shipping sea freight to you. Speaking to us at BDS directly should also give you a general feel of how we handle our shipments and who you can speak if you have any concerns during the journey, or require information for the recipients.  You might, for example, need specific requirements – such as chemical or hazardous advice.  Don’t be afraid to ask and always make sure that your chosen provider is a member of an associated network such as a trade association or freight forwarding network, as we are here at Ban Devoted Services.

BDS – Ban Devoted Services for shipping goods.

Before deciding on who you might wish to work with another good preparation idea is to put together a checklist of your own requirements, such as the speed of delivery, any special packaging requirements and any en-route checks you might want to put in place. Discuss these in full with your appointed sea freight firm to be reassured that BDS are the firm of choice for shipping your goods, wherever they need to go.