What should I look for in a worldwide courier service?

Worldwide courier services have made getting your parcels, packages and even industrial equipment from one country to another easier than ever before. Due to the popularity of exporting and importing goods, however, there are more companies than ever offering this service. So what should you look for when looking to engage the services of a worldwide courier service? And how do you know the courier service you are choosing is the right one for you?

Experienced Courier Service

Do your research and make sure the company is experienced in carrying the kind of cargo you are looking to send, for example, smaller items could be sent by an express delivery whereas car shipping can be a longer process. Some companies specialise in certain items and if, for example, you want something transporting that must be in a climate controlled environment, you need to know they cover this. Ban-Devoted Services are experienced dedicated couriers, able to manage domestic and international deliveries of collective, complete and partial shipments.

Different Methods

Look for companies who offer various modes of transportation depending on the cargo. Look for air, sea and fleet vehicles to get your item from A to B as quickly as possible.  Dependent upon your needs, Ban Devoted Services can arrange safe transit for your delivery to anywhere in the world including air freight to Ghana, air freight to Nigeria and Kenya, or RORO sea freight services.

Complete Courier Services Package

For safe and reliable delivery, pricing you can understand and friendly, personal service, look no further than Ban Devoted. A wide range of services to deliver your goods the way you want them transported. This includes collection, transportation, their own warehouses and a network of tried and trusted associates in other countries to ensure your precious cargo arrives in the same condition as it left.

Flexible Air and Sea Freight Services

Leading companies won’t dictate to you how much you have to send, they will offer quotes on their services and all costs will be entirely transparent. All paperwork will be taken care of, all advice on importing/exporting and customs will be shared and your needs managed from collection to delivery.

For sea freight, air freight and complete management of international courier services, talk to Ban Devoted Services today.