Dangerous, Hazardous & Prohibited Items

The following restrictions apply to all services offered on our website. However, it is highly advisable to also check the policy of your chosen carrier as further restrictions may apply. We also recommend that you check with customs at the destination country that you wish to send to, as each country has different policies as to what will be accepted into the country. If you are in any doubt, please contact our customer services team.
The following items are Dangerous and Hazardous goods which should not be shipped under any circumstances. If found within your consignment, items will be destroyed and you will be fined £100.
Airbags for CarsAirbags for Cars
Ammunition & GunsAmmunition & Guns
Camping StoveCamping Stove
Christmas CrackersChristmas Crackers
Cleaners & SolventsCleaners & Solvents
Compressed Air & Gas CylindersCompressed Air & Gas Cylinders
Diesel, Fuel & GasolineDiesel, Fuel & Gasoline
Dry IceDry Ice
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguishers
Hair CurlersHair Curlers
Infectious SubstancesInfectious Substances
Life JacketLife Jackets
Bleach and ChlorineLiquid Bleach & Chlorine
Nail VarnishNail Varnish
Paint and TurpentinePaint & Turpentine
Perfumes and AftershavePerfume & Aftershave
Radioactive MaterialRadioactive Material
MatchesSafety Matches
Seat BeltsSeat Belts
The following are Prohibited Items and are not accepted by any of our carriers.
AnimalsAnimals & Animal Products
Body PartsBody Parts
Replica Firearms / GunsReplica Firearms / Guns
Illegal DrugsIllegal Drugs
Lab SamplesLab & Medical Samples
FurnitureNon-flat Pack Furniture
Personal DataPersonal Data
Perishable FoodstuffsPerishable Foodstuffs
Precious MetalsPrecious Metals
Printer InkPrinter Ink
TelevisionsTelevisions (32" +)
White GoodsWhite Goods
Restrictions apply on the following items which can vary depending on carrier or country. Please call us for further information on +44 (0) 333 0144 055.
AlcoholAlcohol & Champagne
Credit CardsCredit or Debit Cards
WatchesJewellery & Watches
Mobile PhonesMobile Phones/Devices
We offer no standard liability or insurance cover for damage of any of the following items. Cover against loss is offered on certain items. Click on the information icon for further details.
Data (including discs, films, memory cards etc)Data
LCD screens & Computer MonitorsLCD screens & Computer Monitors
Pottery & CeramicsPottery & Ceramics
Vouchers & TicketsVouchers & Tickets
Works of ArtWorks of Art
  • For further guidance supplied by the CAA, please refer to CAA Examples of Hazardous Goods (downloadPDF)
  • Your Responsibility

    It is your responsibility, as the sender, to ensure the contents are acceptable. It is important to remember, you are the only person who knows what is inside your shipment. By accepting the parcel, neither BDS nor the courier acknowledges the contents are acceptable.