Choosing RORO (roll on roll off) Sea Freight Services

Transporting vehicles from the UK to Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria as well as other worldwide destinations, has grown in popularity.  For a valuable item, such as a car, to be sent on a long journey, the buyer will want to ensure that their vehicle is transported safely, that there are no delays due to incorrect forms or paperwork, and your car or van arrives when you expect. When it comes to selecting a sea freight service for vehicles or machinery there are two main choices; container or RORO. RORO, or roll on roll off is the preferred method for both individuals and companies shipping vehicles, and at Ban Devoted Services, we can ensure your vehicle arrives, on time and safely to your destination.

Cost and Efficiency with RORO Car Shipping

Cost isn’t everything, but it a consideration! Whether you are shipping just one vehicle or you regularly export or import, RORO (roll on roll off) vehicle shipping is one of the easiest to arrange through Ban Devoted Services and an exceptionally cost effective method of shipping vehicles.

Safety for vehicle shipping

Roll on roll off may sound like there is a lot of movement but, don’t worry, vehicles are secured during travel! Vehicles, whether cars, vans or industrial vehicles, are driven onto a designated RORO ship at the port and the vehicle is secured in the car decks. Built for transported vehicles across the sea, each vehicle is held securely within the water tight vessel and protected from the elements, keeping the paintwork and metal free from damage from the caustic salt of the sea.

Extras for RORO Shipping

While you cannot ship personal items using RORO you can send spare tyres and factory fitted accessories. These can be sent inside the vehicle, tyres can be securely attached into the boot and any accessories should be securely fitted as there cannot be any items allowed to move around during transport – the sea can get rough at times!

Over the last decade or so RORO international shipping has become a hugely popular method of transporting cargo overseas. The idea was originally developed by Japanese car manufacturers looking for a fast and efficient way of transporting their vehicles to Europe and the USA.

Modern RORO carriers not only handle cars but all manner of rolling, motorised and static cargo including boats, trucks, buses, motor homes, tractors, travel trailers, cranes, excavators and other types of heavy, high machinery and equipment.

It is the cost and efficiency of RORO that makes it so appealing to international importer and exporters. The cargo is rolled onto the ship at one end and rolled off at the other. The port workers handle everything so there is no need to lay out money for crating, flat rack loading, container packing, port delivery etc, while Ban Devoted Services can ensure all the arrangements are in place. To book vehicle shipping with RORO through Ban Devoted Services today, call us for a quote.