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Choosing an International Courier

Which International Courier Should I Use? The world is a much smaller place than it was just a few decades ago and now we think nothing of sending anything from small packages to major shipments to almost any destination in the world.  Well-defined air and shipping routes make delivery to the other side of the […]

Getting Freight to Ghana

Ensuring Safe Delivery – Getting Freight To Ghana Along with many others in Africa and around the world, Ghana used to be a British Colony and as such experienced excellent trade routes. With the ending of the British rule in 1957, many of the air and sea ports continued to run efficiently, making travel and […]

Car Shipping To Ghana

​What is Car Shipping? Car shipping is the process by which vehicles are moved from a different part of the world to the designated destination. In order for a freight forwarder to export your vehicle, you have to specify the make, model, registration, vin chassis and colour of the vehicle you want to ship to […]

Why Use Trusted Air Freight Operators?

Air Freight Delivered , On Time, When  You Need It Most Air freight is undoubtedly the fastest method of shipping, with the added bonus of reliably scheduled departure and arrival times. The travel time to get your cargo to its desired destination is favourable when compared to other shipping methods, and with the added advantage […]